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THE STORYTELLER by DR. HAMNA LABEEB (previously published as SANA ROSE)

BOOK NAME: The Storyteller

AUTHOR NAME: Dr. Hamna Labeeb (formerly published as Sana Rose)

PUBLISHER: Bigfoot publications

GENRE: Psychological Thriller

Can you think of a book written by a female author that depicts domestic violence, childhood trauma and mental health problems to near perfection while maintaining a beautiful romance in the plot? A book that was loved by 100% of its readers? A book where no abuse was justified, mental trauma and suffering were not glorified and did not hero worship the main lead? 

Yes, it is THE STORYTELLER by DR. HAMNA LABEEB (previously known as SANA ROSE). If you were thinking about any other book, that's precisely why we need more book lovers and bookstagrammers than PR teams.

Like many other young women, Zara has PTSD because of her troubled childhood. But unlike others, we know her story here. Zara thinks she knows her mother, Lara, too well. She has a fluctuating relationship with her mother, who keeps reminding her of those events that could have been long forgotten. When Zara doesn't easily open up to anyone, she finds comfort in sharing her secrets with Zach and her mysterious online friend, the storyteller. But will sharing her secrets with a stranger have consequences? Will she be able to find him and his motives? Will she finally get to know her mother? Pick this book up to know.

PROS: I loved the way the book talked about mental health. It was to the point, neither exaggerated nor understated.

The book is written in multiple POVs with different timelines, including conversations, making it an interesting read.

One of the beautifully written books which is fast-paced and also intriguing.

All the characters felt very relatable (except Lara) and layered.

I loved how the book did not romanticise suffering; instead, it brought out the problems of dealing with them.

One thing that I admired the most about this book was that it did not hero worship someone who showed empathy and love which is a very normal human behaviour. And not all characters were perfect, they were flawed yet human.

CONS: I never found a dull moment in this book.



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